Lewis Hamilton claims record-breaking 92nd F1 victory

Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s 91 F1 race wins and only seven days later he has surpassed him with 92 victories and claims the top podium all on his own.

The Mercedes driver drove a dominate race to secure the win with a 25 second lead over teammate Valterri Bottas to claim his record-breaking 92nd victory. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen sealed the final place on the podium. 

Hamilton started on pole position, but after the first lap, he had dropped to 3rd after Bottas had overtaken him and then Mclaren driver Carlos Sainz overtook them both. Sainz had warmed up his tyres quicker than both Mercedes drivers and capitalized after Verstappen and Perez had collided.  

The rain started to fall on certain parts of the track that caused some drivers to tip-toe around when others including Kimi Raaikkinon, who it didn’t seem to bother after he made 10 places on lap 1

Hamilton’s tyres finally heated up and on lap 20 he passed Bottas down the main straight and was in a class of his own distancing himself from his teammate by 25 seconds at the finish line. 

Hamilton mentioned at the end how physically tough the race was saying “I generally didn’t drink a lot today and I remember getting into the car thinking ‘I’m probably going to be dehydrated’. I never in the race ever,” Hamilton said.

“Anyway, I started having like a small cramp, it’s a very physical circuit, but your throttle pedal… there are lots of bumps and undulations, you’re applying throttle pretty aggressively for pretty much every lap all the way and you never really get to rest. I was coming out of the last corner, out of turn 15 onto the straight, and I got the feeling it was about to pull – like your pulling a muscle – and it popped, and it hurt so much I had to lift.”

Hamilton now holds the record for most wins in F1 (among other records) history and will only keep increasing the record until he retires. Hamilton explained his feelings on breaking Michael Schumacher’s record and if it could have ever be broken. 

“I never, I could only have ever dreamed of being where I am today and I didn’t have a magic ball when I chose to come to this team and partner with these great people, but here I am,” said the race winner.

“What I can tell you is that I’m trying to make the most of it every single day, everything that we do together, we’ve all grown in the same direction and that’s really why you’re seeing the success that we’re having. I’ve got my dad here which is amazing and my step mum Linda is here and [beloved bulldog] Roscoe. It’s a very blessed day,” Hamilton concluded.

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