The fall of the ‘Big Six’

We saw an unfolding of the Super League and the so-called ‘big six’ as quick as it was created. So what is next for football and the English clubs?

Manchester United vs Liverpool rescheduled

The Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool that was due to take place at Old Trafford on Sunday, 2 May has been rescheduled and will now take place on Thursday, 13 May with an 8.15 pm kick-off. 

This is due to the ongoing fan protests surrounding the European Super League with supporters still wanting to make their feelings known to the owners of the ‘Big Six’ clubs. 

A couple of hours before the game was set to start, United fans crowded the stadium in their hundreds holding banners and setting off flares to represent their ongoing anger regarding the ESL decisions that had been previously made. 

Some of them even managed to sneak inside the ground and invade the pitch which is why the match was eventually postponed with both sets of players and coaching staff not even being able to leave their team hotels due to safety concerns. 

The man Untited fans entered Old Trafford to protest againt the owners. Source

Vice-Chairman stepping down at the end of the season

The Red Devils executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has announced that he will be resigning at the end of 2021. 

According to Sky Sports News, Woodward made the choice to step down because he could not support the owner’s plan to join the ESL. 

Although there was no mention of the Super League in the club’s statement confirming his departure, it occurred just hours before Manchester United publicly pulled out of the project. 

The potential downfall

The owners of all six English clubs that were involved within the ESL are now facing a potential downfall with the former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock saying that they must ‘’beg for forgiveness’’ to earn back the trust and respect of the fans. 

They collectively opted out of the plans just 48 hours after the proposals were unveiled and were quickly followed by several other European teams including Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

Speaking on Sky’s Monday night football, pundit Jamie Carragher said ‘’As soon as one goes they will all go. This is over now. I don’t see how the owners can continue. I don’t see a future for their ownership and I think they are making it worse the longer they hang in.’’

big six owners
The owners of the Big Six of English Football. Source

‘’I can’t remember a time where something has united everybody in football. So many people with huge rivalries, tribalism, we argue and fight with one another. This is something that has brought everybody together and that is something we should all be proud of.’’

Player reaction

Immediately after the announcement that all of the clubs were going to be reversing their original decisions to join the ESL, there was a huge presence felt all over social media platforms from players from numerous Premier League teams stating that they were in full agreement to quit the project and were clear that they never wanted to be a part of it in the first place. 

One of those people was Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish who took to Twitter to post this:

You still feel that this definitely won’t be the last that you hear about the European Super League, especially when the supporters start making a return to the stadiums next season and will no doubt want to continue making their voices heard both on and off the pitch. 

If there’s been anything positive to take away from this situation it’s that football is and always will be the fans… the sport is and never will be anything without them.

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