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Spanish Grand Prix: Recap

Lewis Hamilton managed to extend his lead in the drivers championship by following up his 100th pole position, with an experienced drive at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Lewis Polemilton

Hamilton managed to secure his 100th pole in F1, with a lap that was affected by a Sergio Perez spin. No one else was able match his time, making him the first driver to achieve a ton of poles. In fact, only five constructors have ever been able to do it. Max Verstappen was only just short of Hamilton’s time, and started alongside him for the race. 

Ferrari continued to show good form by placing in 4th and 6th, respectively. While both Mclarens also made Q3. Ex-champion, Sebastian Vettel would start 13th, and Kimi Raikonnen was all the way back in 17th.

All is well, that ends well

Hamilton has made it six wins from the last eight runnings of the Spanish Grand Prix, unbeaten in the last five races. This was not an easy win, though. Hamilton got a good start off the line, however, he couldn’t match Verstappen who took the lead. The gap between the two never grew as they matched each other for pace. It was clearly going to be a two-horse race, decided by pit-stops and strategy. 

The decisive decision was taken by Mercedes, who took Hamilton in for a second pit-stop, and Red Bull chose to stay out with Verstappen. Hamilton, on the fresher tires, ate up the 25 seconds to take the lead with 12 laps to go. Those 12 laps were the only ones Hamilton lead, taking the win. Beating Verstappen, and teammate Valteri Bottas.  

Charles Leclerc finished 4th, but he will be kicking himself as they could have made the podium. Sergio Perez finished 5th, and Daniel Ricciardo completed the top six. Lando Norris’ 8th placed finish wasn’t good enough to keep him in 3rd in the drivers championship. 

Next Stop: Monaco

The drivers will take next weekend off from racing, before heading to the iconic track in Monaco. A race in which overtaking is practically impossible, putting extra emphasis on qualifying. 

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