F1 Monaco Grand Prix: Preview

The teams head to the blue-ribbon event of the F1 calendar for the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, where qualifying could make or break your weekend.

The race will see the return of (some) fans with 7,500 people being allowed to attend per day. The grandstands will also be open but at only 40% of the full capacity. A very welcome sight at what is the one race every driver wants to win, but only four of the field have – Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. 

Is it pole or bust? 

Even the least knowledgeable F1 fan will look at Monte Carlo’s street circuit and see how tight and demanding it is.

Overtaking is practically impossible, and the DRS (drag reduction system) is made redundant by the short straights. When all of these factors are combined, it puts immense pressure on Saturday’s qualifying.

Major changes were made to the stretch of corners from 13-18 (La Piscine to La Rascasse) – for safety purposes – the race has favoured the front runners. Since 2003, there have been 17 races, with the pole-sitter winning on 12 occasions – a trend that continues if you go even further back. 

What to look forward to

Saturday’s qualifying will be fantastic to watch as all the teams go all out trying to make the front two rows. Not only to give yourself a chance at victory, but more importantly to avoid the possible crash that may occur at the first corner. 

Once the first lap is (safely) navigated, there is a lot of racing to be done.  Monaco is one of the shorter tracks, so back-markers always come into play.

Although overtaking will still be an issue, because of the backlog of cars, the drivers will be under constant pressure.

Such pressure could lead to major errors and crashes, resulting in laps under the safety car, bringing the field back together. Such factors will make the pit-stops even more important. The slightest error could be the difference between winning and losing. Getting out ahead of your rivals is vital. 

Once we get into the race, the views and the sound of the cars whizzing through the tunnel – you know the one – is just fantastic. To top it all off, the most successful constructor, Mclaren, will be using a special one-off car for the event, livery Mclaren. 

Even if it is completely and utterly uneventful and boring, it is still worth watching, after all it is the Monaco grand prix. 

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