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European Championship Podcast

To celebrate the start of the European Championships, Overtime Sports Online is releasing a podcast to keep you in the loop this summer and hopefully entertain you along the way.

With a hectic Premier League over, you might think it would be nice to have a short break before the start of the new season? This is not the case with the delayed European Championships right around the corner. 

And with so much Football ahead of us, we thought why not celebrate this fact and release a Podcast over this long-awaited tournament. 

We will be recapping all the events from the group stages to the final with our resident sports writers Chloe and Mehmet. Expect a lot of laughs and maybe some tears. 

Retro England Shirt Giveaway

To welcome the podcast to our new fans, anyone who signs up to our newsletter this summer will be automatically entered into a draw to win a Retro England Shirt. 

All you have to do enter your email, it is that simple. What are you waiting for?

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