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British Grand Prix: Recap

Lewis Hamilton managed to claim victory at an eventful British Grand Prix to close the gap to Max Verstappen after the latter crashed out.

Hamilton showed great control from start to finish, grinding out a victory that looked unlikely after the 10-second penalty he was given for causing the collision that put title rival Max Verstappen out of the race. 

What exactly happened on lap one? 

Both Hamilton and Verstappen were locked in an immediate battle from the start line in which they were leapfrogging one another. 

Verstappen was holding on to the lead, but having to defend aggressively to do so. As the two entered turn six side-by-side, Verstappen turned in on Hamilton, leaving the latter no room on the inside. 

Verstappen ended up smashing into the barriers at pace, and requiring some precautionary medical attention, Hamilton’s front wing got damaged, and Charles Leclerc took the lead. 

The incident resulted in a red flag so the damaged Red Bull could be removed. While all of this was going on, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was complaining to FIA race director Michael Masi about Hamilton’s actions. 

Hamilton was given a somewhat unfair penalty which made his race more stressful than what needed to be. 

The race

At the restart, Leclerc took off, with Hamilton and Norris behind him. On lap 15, Leclerc was frantically on the radio to his engineers complaining about his engine, and that it kept on shutting off.

In behind, there was also a battle going on for the final spot on the podium between Lando Norris and Vallteri Bottas. 

Unfortunately for Norris, a slow stop by Mclaren allowed for Bottas to undercut him, which ended any chance of a fourth podium finish for the Brit. 

With 12 laps to go, Hamilton looked likely to have one last opportunity at the race win. Eventually, Lewis wore down the leader to the delight of the home fans to take the lead at the start of the penultimate lap. 

The win cuts the lead in the championship down to eight points, and Mercedes are only four points RedBull in the constructor’s standings. 

What happened at the altered qualifying?  

Friday’s qualifying was a typically exciting affair, with Lewis Hamilton securing pole from Max Verstappen. 

Both drivers for the big four teams – Mercedes, Mclaren, Red Bull and Ferrari – all made it to Q3. Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel qualified in 10th, and the British crowd were ecstatic to see George Russell in 7th for Williams. 

The sprint qualifying, apart from the opening lap, lacked excitement. Once Verstappen flew off the line, took the lead, and then weaved all over the track to defend, he was able to maintain a comfortable lead over Hamilton. 

There was definitely some excitement to see who would make up the rest of the top 10, as the cars were very tightly packed. 

The biggest loser on Saturday was Sergio Perez who spun on lap six, and ended up rejoining in 19th. Eventually, Red Bull retired Perez from the race so that he could start the race from the pits. 

The jury is still out on sprint qualifying after its first inclusion. It increases the risk to the front runners and can ruin the entire weekend as it did for Sergio Perez. 

Plus, qualifying is all about who will get pole position, not, we know pole, what about the rest. 

Whatever way you look at it, the British Grand Prix has given Lewis and Mercedes a huge lift and newfound self-belief that the season is far from over. As for the FIA, there are discussions to be had.

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