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Hungarian Grand Prix: Recap

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon took an unlikely maiden victory at an extraordinary Hungarian Grand Prix after a pile-up at the first corner.

Lewis Hamilton finished third to regain the World Championship lead back from title rival Max Verstappen, who finished in 10th after being involved in the big crash. 

What exactly happened on lap one? 

Hamilton got away very well off the line and managed to turn the corner in front. Behind, the wet track caused Valtteri Bottas to lock up and slide into the back of Lando Norris, who then ran into Verstappen. 

Bottas then went into Sergio Perez, causing both Red Bulls to go off the track. 

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll did the exact same as Bottas, except at more pace, taking out Charles Leclerc, and Daniel Ricciardo. 

Bottas, Leclerc, Stroll and Perez all retired as a result of the crash. Lando Norris only completed two laps before having to retire due to damage sustained by his car. 

The race organisers had no choice but to red flag the session – for the second race running – in order to clean the debris off the track. 

The race

Once the track was cleared, we were ready to start again. All drivers were going to begin from the pit lane after opting for a tire change because of the drying track. 

That’s all of them apart from Lewis Hamilton, who was the only car on the grid. 

It was clear that Mercedes had made an error in judgement, yet again, and had to bring in Lewis shortly after the restart. 

The Brit rejoined the track in last place of the remaining runners, with plenty of work to do. The rest of the race was a battle between Esteban Ocon, and Sebastian Vettel to determine who would win. 

At the end of the 20th lap, Hamilton decided to pit again, and change strategy. The move worked perfectly as he was ale to undercut both Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. 

Starting on lap 55, Hamilton tried to get past ex-teammate Fernando Alonso, yet the latter somehow managed to keep Hamilton at bay. 

The battle went on for a long time before Hamilton managed to get past Alonso on la 65, after the Alpine driver locked up. 

That battle was to prove very costly for Hamilton.

The Mercedes driver then passed Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, giving himself three laps to get an unlikely win. 

Sebastian Vettel was nine seconds ahead, with leader Ocon another one-and-a-half clear of second. 

In the end, the gap proved too mighty for Hamilton, as he came in less than three seconds behind Esteban Ocon, who drove flawlessly from start to finish. 

The Frenchman was clearly over the moon as he celebrated his maiden victory.

The drama wasn’t over yet… 

After each race, officials have to take a mandatory one-litre fuel sample from each car, which they were unable to do so from Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin.

The rule infringement resulted in his disqualification, promoting Hamilton into 2nd, Carlos Sainz to 3rd, and Verstappen up to 9th.

Mercedes have ended the first half of the season regaining the lead in both the drivers’ and constructors’ table. 

The teams will now take a four-week break from the track which couldn’t come at a better time for Red Bull, who have a lot of thinking to do.

Next stop; Belgium! 

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